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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  September 21, 2017 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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we showed you this video would be crook who used a fake gun and knife. wrestled and even stabbed by a customer. the good samaritan used excessive force to stop the robbery. rob: only in america is that a lawsuit. "fox & friends" starts right now. we will see you later. >> president trump sounding hopeful over the republicans' latest plan to stop obamacare. >> i believe graham cassidy will do it the right way. tremendous support from republicans. >> when i see people trying to undo hard fought process for the 50th or 60th time. it is aggravating. >> do you think it's appropriate to talk about rocket man. >> it worked. every international community is referring to him as rocket man. >> all of these problems were given to us by barack obama. the idea of trying something different is actually, i think, a pretty smart idea. >> president trump has said he has made up his mind about the iran nuclear deal one day after calling it
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embarrassment. >> his view many people around him being in compliance means they get a nuclear weapon later. >> waking up in total darkness this morning after taking a direct hit from hurricane maria. >> first lady melania trump speaking at event at united nations about protecting our children. >> we need to step up, come together, and ensure that our children's future is bright ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i'm on top of the world ♪ i'm on top of the world ♪ hey ♪ steve: on top of studio f here mezzanine level.
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ainsley: the vice president is going to join us at 8:00. we also have bill cassidy a senator who is also a doctor who has written with senator lindsey graham. steve: key give me a flu shot? ainsley: he probably could. it is that time, isn't it? brian: bit concerned about the imagine dragons. ainsley: how many people are in the band? brian: some people there. how do they get paid? like elo some people in the band they couldn't make a profit. ainsley: how many people are in the band? brian: four it seems like more. ainsley: what do you think about? brian: do you hear how crowded they sound? steve: are you worried that the imagine dragon can't make a payroll. brian: music industry has never been more difficult. i want to see them succeed because i enjoy their work. steve: we figured at the end of september we would be talking about tax reform there is a move in congress to do something about that.
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ineffectively a hail mary play the republicans are trying to bring this up graham cassidy bill to do something in the fixing department of obamacare. ainsley: that's right. mitch mcconnell is putting pressure on holdouts. because there a about five republican senators who are saying they are not going to vote for them. they have questions. rand paul is one of them. john mccain we have to see what he will do in this situation. mitch mcconnell this is the hail mary. this is the last opportunity for the democrats can start filibustering again. the deadline is september 30th. brian: governor christie says i don't want to do this because it's going to block grant stuff to my state. obamacare got more than. this i'm not going to take less money for my state. everybody is looking at their own interests. and as lindsey graham told us a couple days ago, massachusetts, new york, as well as california got a disproportionate amount of funds from obamacare and he wants to even it out. and he thinks that could possibly bring in susan
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collins and with an adjustment both alaska senators. steve: one of the problems and the opposition is late to mobilize because they didn't realize wait a minute the republicans are actually going to take a vote on this in a couple days. trying to mobilize people to find out what's in it one of the things out there is apparently there are a number of experts that say under the graham-cassidy plan, insurers would be able to charge higher premiums with people with preexisting conditions if the state gets a waiver. the language regarding the waiver is vague and almost unenforceable cybil. there is a lot going on. the president who is in new york city who is here to talk about alittle bit about what's going on around the world. took a look at the politics and said this about the graham-cassidy bill yesterday. >> i believe that graham-cassidy really will do it the right way. it is doing it the right way. there is tremendous support from republicans. sadly we're 47, 48 senators.
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others looking at it very positively. for seven years i have been hearing repeal and radio place. we have been hearing how bad it is. hearing the premiums going on. looking at deductibles going up. premiums worse than this year last year they were 100 percent increase. 116%. i think there is tremendous support for it i think it's much better than the previous shot which was very sadly let down. i thought that i would go to the oval office, sit down at my desk and there would be a healthcare bill on my desk to be honest. and it hasn't worked out that way. and i think a lot of republicans are embarrassed by it but i have to tell you i think they are going to do a great. if this happens, i think it will be a great thing for the country. steve: the president would love to see something done because when he was running he promised to try to fix it the big question is ultimately is it better than what we have got and is it cheaper?
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we will talk to the architect of it senator bill cassidy is going to be with us in an hour and 20 minutes. brian: senator will be here. yesterday the senator graham will be here. if you have questions, get them to us. the president had a speaking gig yesterday at which time he was asked about the future of oklahoma. the fact is it's not working. if it was, not one republican would be looking to take it down because they have so much to focus on. here is what he said about the latest effort. >> when i see people trying to undo that hard won progress for the 50th or 60th time it is aggravating. all of this being done without any demonstrable, economic or actuarial or common sense rationale it frustrates. and it is certainly frustrating to have to mobilize every couple of months to keep our leaders from inflicting real human suffering on our constituents. steve: and the former
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president went on to say that the republicans are trying to do it without plain common sense. brian: they tried a bipartisan move it fell apart with patty murray in the senate yesterday. the president should also acknowledge if he was actually going to do something statesman like he should come out and acknowledge it's not working. arizona in particular, has everyone dropping out. the amount of healthcare companies, insurance companies that say we can't do this anymore. and the cost overruns are the problems which were endemic in his plan that was mostly passed with a lot of blank pages. ainsley: it's going to collapse. his plan is going to collapse. something has to be done. i wish they could figure out a bipartisan way to work it all out. steve: amen. ainsley: constituencies that elected them into power suffer. steve: can't change the healthcare system in this country unless they go to something better. the big question is this better and is it cheaper?
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stay tuned. meanwhile, let's talk a little bit about this. the "wall street journal" has just come out with a brand new poll regarding donald trump. and as it turns out, in the last couple of weeks he has gotten a bump as you can see right there. he had been around 40. now he is at 43. the interesting thing is when he did that deal with chuck and nancy to keep the government open to extend the debt ceiling and to come up with plenty of money for hurricane funding,. ainsley: people loved it. steve: a lot of people in washington though said what's he doing he? is talking to the democrats. you can't do that apparently exactly people like what he did. ainsley: 71% approved of that. brian: and the way he reached across the aisle. if you talk to the average american knee deep in politics they want to see democrats and republicans working together. in this case it's not going to happen for a couple reasons. got until september 30th to pass anything with simple majority. 51 votes. after that go to 60 votes. to do that they have to deliberate and go through a much longer period. it's hard to imagine them
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getting 60 votes on healthcare right now because it involves taking a way marquee program from president obama. steve: hard to believe they could get 60 votes on anything. ainsley: hard to get 50. steve: aside from hurricane relief. one bad poll in the "wall street journal" mitch mcconnell and paul ryan. 6 in 10 americans dissatisfied with the jobs they're doing. nancy pelosi in that same neck of the woods. not good. that's the latest from the "wall street journal" brand new poll. ainsley: let's hand it over to jillian who has headlines for us. jillian: happy thursday. we do begin with a fox news alert. this is breaking now. puerto rico waking up in total darkness after taking a direct hit from hurricane maria. the entire island now without power and it might not be turned back on for months. on top of that more than two feet of rain is turning on parts of the island turning streets into raining rivers. president trump tweeting to the governor quote we are with you and the people of puerto rico, stay safe. 1,000 people now feared dead
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following the massive earthquake in mexico. 245 victims confirmed killed in the 7.1 magnitude quake. crews working throughout the night to rescue children trapped underneath a school. at least 21 kids and four adults dead at that school. toddler out of the hospital this morning after being hit in the face with a foul ball flying through the air at 105 miles per hour. >> the dodgers are good. look out. oh my goodness. the 2-year-old girl hit in the face at the yankees and twins game in new york city. every player visibly shaken up. some even crying. some of them now calling for protective netting along awful both baselines to
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prevent another incident like this. president trump will present the military's highest honor to a vietnam war hero for his unbelievable bravery 47 years later. army captain gary rose served as a medic with the fifth special forces group risking his life multiple times. once even using his own body as a shield to save wounded americans on the battlefield. he will receive the medal of honor next month. a look at your headlines on this thursday. send it back to you guys. steve: all right, jillian. thank you very much. jillian: thank you. steve: democrats like hillary clinton blasting president trump's tough talk on north korea. >> i thought it was very dark, dangerous. steve: dark, dangerous speech. so how should we treat the rogue regime that wants to wipe us off the face of the senat a debate on that coming up next. brian: plus, sorry, kids. no more best friends for you. schools are now banning them. you are in trouble, ainsley, you have so many best
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dark. dangerous. not the kind of message that the leader of the greatest nation in the world should be delivering. >> is america safer because of rocket man? did we bring anybody to the table as a consequence of that language? steve: democrats very popular high ranking democrats, that is, criticizing president trump's tough talk against north korea but after years of appeasement, isn't it time for our commander-in-chief to call out north korea? here for a debate we have former deputy secretary of state under the obama administration joe reuben is he screen left as you can see right there. hudson institute fellow and foreign military and foreign policy advisor rebecca behind rick. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. steve: rebecca, what do you think about this language where the president is referring to kim jong un as rocket man and suddenly we are in new military. >> the president likes to
3:17 am
brand people so he is mocking kim jong un right now. kim jong un cares a lot about his public appearance. he cares a lot about what the people of north korea think of him. the president of the united states is saying this is somebody who, you know, he is trying to get this capability. but we're not going to let him have it. and he can't compete with a military of the united states of america. so if he wants to go down this suicide path. it is a suicide mission. the united states will make him regret any sort of regress action that he takes against us or our allies. >> joel? >> steve, good morning. it's dangerous to have rhetoric that we can't back up. and when the president uses language like totally destroy. is he essentially saying to the american peoplened a the world that is he willing to use nuclear weapons against corr. steve: don't you think he is? joel, don't you think is he? he has every option on the table enchts everyone option on the table has been policy for years. you commit to destroying another country without congress and american people
3:18 am
on board, frankly, that doesn't deal with the problem which is we don't want a war with north korea. steve: no, we certainly don't. you know, you know better than anybody that during the obama administration, the policy was strategic patience. where we didn't do anything. essentially. and in that time, the kim jong un regime was able to develop an a bomb that can hit the united states. >> yeah. you are right steve and strategic patience has been a failure. and i believe that we need to be getting to the table more aggressively with north korea and with our allies. the language however now, instead of embarrassing kim publicly and internationally, it makes president trump look small. and it makes it harder for us to global bliz international support. >> rebecca? >> no. president trump is speaking in terms that kim jong un can understand. is he not trying to please the liberals in washington, d.c. he is trying to communicate in very clear terms what the united states will not tolerate. reason, the reason the obama
3:19 am
administration took strategic patience towards north korea because it was focused singularly on the iran deal. it wanted to punt on all these other national security issues. it punted on this issue. and kim jong un increased its missile capabilities during this time, increased its nuclear capabilities and now we have this problem. so to have secretary clinton, secretary kerry and susan rice of all people lecturing this administration when they were the ones that got us to this point and didn't stop the problem, they really should sit this one out and let the president of the united states handle the problem. steve: joel, before you go he did single out rocket man really the intended audience for president trump's comments were china? >> absolutely. and china is the key player in this. and i agree with rebecca strategic patience didn't get us there. it's not just the obama administration's fault here. the bush administration pulled out of an agreement we have with north korea, china, the international community, they need to know that we are serious about getting to an agreement here and right now i don't think
3:20 am
they can have confidence that we are. >> all right. re becca, final word? >> agreements don't work with sn k. what north korea understands is if we actually threaten with some sort of credibility the actual survival of the regime and their capabilities they have to prop up that regime. those are the terms they understanding. the president of the united states trying to aavoid war. the best way to avoid war is if we pressure the regime and convince them this is not worth, you know, that the aggression they are taking we are going to make them regret it the president of the united states is trying to make that stark and clear because they certainly didn't believe the obama administration. steve: he has made it clear. and with rocket man he has gotten north korea's attention. in fact he has gotten everybody's attention. rebecca and joel, great discussion this morning. thank you very much. what do you think about that email us at this morning shocking new unmasking claims. what we just learned about what president obama's inner circle was up to on president trump's inauguration day.
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baseball all star curt schilling is here on that and so much more. and jimmy kimmel continues to slam republicans over obama administration. is this the whole story?
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why promise something you can't deliver? comcast business is different. ♪ ♪ we deliver super-fast internet with speeds of 150 megabits per second across our entire network, to more companies, in more locations, than at&t. we do business where you do business. ♪ ♪ brian: 24 minutes after the hour. for two nights in a row jimmijimmy kimmel has used monologue to effort to repeal obamacare. >> they are not taking care of either. they are taking care of the people who give the money like insurance company. most of the congress people who vote on this bill probably won't read it. it is by many accounts the worst healthcare bill yet. brian: does jimmy kimmel have it right is he speaking the truth when democrats aren't even coming out and criticizing it to that level yet? ask michael, the ceo of the
3:25 am
heritage action for america committee. so, you see a lot of criticisms here, michael and a plan that's snuck up on us. is jimmy kimmel right the preexisting conditions which he went on to say this plan -- preexisting does not care for do indeed states have the rights to not take care of those with preexisting conditions. >> they don't actually. section 106 of the bill says every single state has to make sure there has to be affordable access for people with preexisting conditions. the entire thing is the way we wrong talk about policy in this country. i'm sure jimmy kimmel is a nice gay guy and well intentioned he doesn't understand how this bill works and how we we take care of preexisting conditions. they are different than obamacare it doesn't mean they are wrong. for this country to elevate who is lying and who is not why people get sick of the way we talk about policy.
3:26 am
brian: he also pointed out the aarp against. this. >> status quo in favor of obamacare. the ama was in favor of obamacare. obamacare was a complete and utter disaster. i don't think we want to give the ama the only voice in this process. we should have a fact based debate. jimmy kimmel doesn't understand how conservatives want to in a compassionate way take care of people with preexisting conditions. if he wants to get educated come by the heritage foundation and we will do a meeting with him. brian: let's say you are somebody middle class $75,000. and your kid has preexisting heart condition and has life-saving surgery like jimmy kimmel's son and thankfully it worked and he has to have more follow-ups similar to bret baier's son. >> we are the most compassionate nation in the history of the world. we will make sharier everybody gets taken care of there are different ways to
3:27 am
do it. jimmy kimmel should spend the time to understand how different people of good intentions would solve these problems in different ways. we are happy to play a role in helping him get educated. brian: george walker says this the graham cassidy bill like the senate repeal and replace take as crowbar to medicaid's knees. is she accurate? >> what obama did was expanded medicaid which was supposed to be a focused program on people with disabilities and vastly expanded to to able bodied people. that's the problem with that program. the graham-cassidy bill does is takes power away from washington, d.c. says we are not going to have every decision made in the federal capital and allow states to innovate. that's something all democrats and republicans should support. everybody is sick at high stakes debates where everyone ends up yelling at each other and calling each other liars. let's let states, closer to people different approach to doing things experiment and deescalate politics so americans don't get as frustrated as they are.
3:28 am
brian: we will talk to senator cassidy for a while like we did to senator graham any changes to be made. go to the house in conference and things change then. chris christie republican governor came out yesterday and said i'm opposing this because it's going to give new jersey $4 billion less. >> yeah. look. obamacare and even before obamacare has given more money to northeast liberal states, which has expanded medicaid. what this bill does is tries to bring parity on a per person basis between states. the amount of money spent by the federal government given to the states on a per person basis becomes closer to parity, that's bad for new jersey because they have been winners of the past system but closer to fairness. brian: does it touch pharmaceutical costs which are a main problem. >> i'm not sure about that one. what it does is allows states to experiment. we need more experimentation so these problems can be looked at different vantage points and angles. brian: when rand paul comes out and says hey, i said i was going to repeal and replace, this just continues it because some of obamacare
3:29 am
taxes remain in it. what do you say? >> there is no doubt that this bill does not fully repeal and replace obamacare. no dowskt the republican party ran on that for seven years and they weren't honest when they said that this bill is a bill that does a lot of goofed things there are some problems in it that need to be addressed. we had a great meeting with senator cassidy yesterday trying to fix some of those aspects that need to be fixed. this is the bill that is before us and senator paul is right. it doesn't repeal and replace. brian: you agree with his vote? >> i think everyone needs to look at this. there are small changes specifically to options 3, 6 and 7 of the seven options people can have that need to be made to make this bill better but that's the environment. brian: finally from your contacts in washington, murkowski, mccain, collins, rand paul, who is in and who is out? >> well, rand paul seems pretty clear that is he going to be out. little is a murkowski doesn't exactly work closest with the heritage foundation of anybody. you will see either
3:30 am
murkowski or mccain to come around and vote. brian: to come around and vote. >> if somebody does it's probably but one of those two. brian: and dan of alaska. some kind of corn hunker kick back were. >> alaska will do well. brian: what we are doing on our show talking to the people in the fray and analysts on both sides. last night jimmy kimmel personally attacked me. what i do is do this morning show so i can't see it i got up and had a chance to look at the clip. here is what i like to say on this. i hope your son gets better. i hope your son gets all the care he needs. i'm glad you are interested. you are doing a great job bringing the dialogue out. but you should actually do what we are doing. talk to the people that wrote it yeah. senator graham, senator cassidy, asking tough questions to michael. and we will see where we go from here. about me and you personally, i did this thing call request and interview for upand coming talk show host did a great job on fox
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sports. when you weren't getting great ratings i thought you and the show was excellent. when i was at "american idol" across the street at the finale i walked over maybe two years, three years you were kind enough to give an interview to me. i thought the pieces went great. i didn't kiss your butt. i thought i would highlight behind the scenes up and coming. try to blurb the book. i tried to get new this book in 2003, it's how you play the game. games two doo count 2 books back to back. i wanted to focus on people in sports and how it happened later on in life. guys like the rock to be in it. president bush and robin williams to be in it i wanted you to be in it. that didn't work out. i didn't think that was negative. continual to do a great job. best luck with your son. back in a moment. incredible shp and new flavors. like new nashville hot shrimp, drizzled with sweet amber honey,
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news alert. puerto rico is waking up in total darkness after taking a direct hit from hurricane maria. monster storm 155 mile-per-hour winds tearing buildings apart and knocking out power across the entire island. steve: officials say it could take months before electricity is returned to puerto rico. on top of that, two more feet of rain. 2 feet of rain falling in some parts. turning streets into rivers. meteorologist janice dean is live in the studio right now tracking hurricane maria and hurricane jose. janice: right. jose is still throughout off the east coast. look at some of the official wind gusts, over 135 mile-per-hour winds at the u.s. virgin islands, also puerto rico and as you mentioned devastating effects across puerto rico everyone without power. the storm right now crossed over puerto rico and lost some steam. it actually kind of weakens quite a bit. and now it has strengthened again as it is over warm waters. 115 mile-per-hour sustained winds it is a category 3. a major hurricane. we think it's going to skirt
3:36 am
the dominican republic, move east of the turks and caicos as well as the bahamas, which would be great news. and fingers crossed, it looks like the steering current are going to keep this storm offshore over the next couple of days and remain, you know, a strong hurricane over the next, say, 48 to 60 hours and then it moves up towards the north and northeast. it will weaken. and hopefully not affect anyone across the east coast of the u.s., which is, of course, great news. but the pictures and the information coming from puerto rico are just devastating. and the u.s. and british virgin islands. back to you. ainsley: we have to do something. go down there and help them get power. months without power. no one can live like that. steve: we are talking about former major league baseball pitcher curt schilling joins us today from boston. kurt, what are you trying to do? >> well, what i'm trying to do basic human duty here. we got involved with operation bullpen over in
3:37 am
texas. we took that week in texas and went around and saw destruction like i have never seen before. and then we went and decided to head over to florida. and caught the tail end of that one as well. this just kind of snuck up on us. so, you know, i tengsded to aim high a little bit in life, so i reached out to try to get a c 130 cargo jet to get supplies. and managed to get the plane and some pilots and some people and working with some guys from the flip flop flotilla who are former special forces guys, former law enforcement, first responders. because we need to be completely self-sufficient when we go over there. this island is destroyed. and i mean, you know, you think about refrigeration and think about food. there is refrigeration from a medical perspective that has to happen for by bet particular patients and other types of medicine and that's just the beginning.
3:38 am
brian: right. curt. you did the hard part. you got the c 130 and you got the crew. you need our viewers to help you out. we have to fill that plane up with supplies. and we got to do it quickly. and you are going to deliver those supplies even with your knee brace. even though i see you out there with your shorts on. how do you fill that up plane because we have some of the most active viewers around. >> if you go to facebook operation bullpen, that will have everything you could possibly need in the way of contributions. i will say right up front, we aren't a government agency so we have no red tape. brian, you know me, i don't do bureaucracy. i'm taking contributions directly to my paypal green monster games g if you have a moral or ethical issue donating to my paypal. do not donate a dime. i don't care. i'm not going to deal with it took in $119,000 for the first two operations and we handed out 135 to $140,000.
3:39 am
100 correct of every dollar you donate to this thing is going into the hands, into the bellies, into the communities. again, the cameras have left. and now the real work begins in texas and florida. i can't even imagine what we are going to see in puerto rico. brian: take action. you are doing it and everyone should react. you know our viewers will go to your side. ainsley: great to see someone of notoriety going out to help people. some of your fans are like oh my gosh curt shrill is helping me. steve: we will link to your facebook page operation bullpen. >> thank you, i appreciate it. ainsley: we wanted to talk to you about the controversy at espn about the jemele story and she got to keep her job for doing the same thing did you writing something controversial on twitter. you were let go because of that what are your thoughts? >> well, first off i don't know how comparing islamic extremists to nazis or say men should use the men's
3:40 am
rooms is controversial. s. controversial i assume those things are logical. her calling the race a racist is not a surprise. disney and espn have stopped giving all pretense of objectivity and they support a very intolerant, exclusive liberal agenda. some of the most racist people in sports robert station there now and they have a voice. they have always had a voice. my only -- i don't even want to say anger. my only issue with the entire thing is that they try to hide it as something it's not. i have come to learn that the left is the party of -- you know, everything around the left does is based on your race, your sex, your sexual preference, your color, your religion, how worship or how don't. it's about identity politics. as conservatives, i just want legal or illegal. we have laws. if you follow them, i don't care what color you are. you are american. let's put it this way we are in a country right now i guarantee you i will hear people comment about the fact this shirt is racist.
3:41 am
brian: the american flag. >> yeah. brian: if you are in the dug out and some of your teammates say i'm not standing for the national anthem. if you are a good teammate you won't stand either. what would curt shilling have said? >> no. that wouldn't have happened. plus, it was -- even though it was only a few years ago it was a different generation. the lack of respect for our flag, for our patriots, for our country is mind-boggling to me. you look at this liberal education system and narrative it's pushing and you understand why. steve: curt shilling thank you for getting up early on this thursday morning trying to help those folks go to we will link to your facebook page on operation bullpen. thank you, sir. ainsley: thank you, curt. brian: chicago hitting a grim milestone, more than 500 homicides in that city this year. so why is mayor rahm emanuel focused on fighting president trump on climate change? ainsley: plus louisiana senator bill cassidy, former
3:42 am
arkansas governor mike huckabee and vice president mike pence. they're all live coming up. steve: what a show ♪ ♪ ain't no stopping us now ♪ we're on the move ♪ ain't no stopping us now ♪ hi.
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3:46 am
everyone remembers their childhood best friend. right? >> what? did we just become best friends? >> yep. jillian: kids now britain's prince george won't get to have those kind of moments. get, this his school reportedly banning best friends so other children won't feel left out. teachers encourage them to be friends with a lot of classmates instead of having just one bff. what would your childhood be without those heart necklaces where you split it in half and gave the other side to your best friend, guys. i don't know. brian: can you do buddy movies. ainsley: one said best and other side said friend. i would give my friend one and i would keep the other one. brian: what you are not thinking about the people who didn't get that half. how does that make them feel. steve: trying to make everybody feel happy. you can have a lot of friends. speaking of friends. ainsley: the spies are back.
3:47 am
the first kingsmen was such a hit it is back with a sequel. >> being a kings men is more than the clothing we wear or the weapons we bear. it's about being willing to sacrifice for the greater good. i hope you're ready. steve: loved the original. how does the sequel compare? let's talk to our friend michael tammero about this movie that opens tomorrow with our friends bill hemmer and shannon bream. >> who knew. the kingsman took the world by storm. back teeming up with bill hemmer and shannon bream to save the day. ♪ ♪ >> kingsman shot in london. maybe you thought of us? >> thank you very much. >> what was it like returning to this role? first time have you actually returned to a character? >> really exciting. obviously people really connected with the first film and it was this sort of
3:48 am
sleeper hit. but also, quite nerve racking because certain degree of expectation there. kingsman as can you say packed a real punch. ♪ my generation ♪ talking about my generation ♪ >> welcome to statesman. >> your american cousins will be working side by side. >> let's get started. >> plays the statesman. the kingsman's counterparts in america. >> damn right we do. >> you do it well, pedro. what was your favorite part of being part of this? >> chaotic fun. >> my part was the cast and being around you guys. >> had so much respect for each other. you know. >> so great to see my fox news colleagues up there. how did they do? >> they did so good. before we were going around the world using different news outlets and they were
3:49 am
so good. we'll just keep going back to them. they got it on two takes. >> did they behave on set? because hemmer can be out of control sometimes. >> we won't say. >> what happens on set stays on set. you have to understand that i'm sure you can relate. >> sort of like vegas. >> yeah, exactly. >> i hope you're red for what comes next. steve: that looks great. ainsley: they can a great job. steve: tomorrow is hemmer time. >> tomorrow is hemmer time at a theater near you. ainsley: they were in it a lot. >> they got a ton of screen time. good to see a little cinergy at work here. ainsley: if you are a mom, you don't see movies anymore. janice we have to make a date. >> janice has seen it she almost got arrested for taking selfies in the screening room yesterday janice dean.
3:50 am
steve: looks great. ainsley: chicago hitting a grim milestone, more than 500 homicides in that city this year. why is the mayor rahm emanuel focusing on fighting president trump and climate change. to most people, i look like most people. but on the inside, i feel chronic, widespread pain. fibromyalgia may be invisible to others, but my pain is real. fibromyalgia is thought to be caused by overactive nerves. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i'm glad my doctor prescribed lyrica. for some, lyrica delivers effective relief for moderate to even severe fibromyalgia pain. and improves function. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions, suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worse depression, unusual changes in mood or behavior, swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling, or blurry vision. common side effects: dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain, swelling of hands, legs and feet.
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3:53 am
♪ ainsley: chicago hitting a grim milestone of more than 500 homicides this year according to the chicago tribune. that has forced the city to deploy 100 new police officers. but rahm emanuel spent monday speaking about climate change and attacking the president saying his unpopularity is making his job easier politically. here to react to this is retired chicago police sergeant, sergeant peter
3:54 am
coconis. good morning, sergeant. thanks for joining us. >> good morning. thanks for having me. ainsley: you're welcome. what is your reaction to this when he at a conference speaking of climate change when 500 people so far have died this year in chicago? >> and plus we're on a rate to hit 800 carjackings, violent crimes. it's like a bait and switch. he is over there talking about climate change, which is an important issue, but in his city, people are dying. there are pools of blood. four people just assassinated by assault rifle. one of them being a pregnant young laid. there is a guerrilla warfare going on in the latino neighborhood between two gangs and he is talking about the weather. ainsley: when is he up for re-election. >> 2019. ainsley: so in his future what do you think will happen? do folks in chicago care about this or do they love him? >> oh, no. he is not a very -- he is not a loved guy. he closed 50 schools in minority neighborhoods
3:55 am
forcing kids to walk through gang infested neighborhoods. he has taken he says i have put 100 more policemen on the street. as of august 448 have retired. the figures show that 499 have applied to retire. so, you know, i don't know what kind of math people use, but if you put 100 out and 448 leave, your districts are still stripped bear and beyond the strength that they need. the people that need them the inglewood neighborhoods, garfield park, brighten park where all these homicides are going on are woefulfully short of protection. so what do you do? and him saying that donald trump is less popular than him, i can't believe that. ainsley: what do you think he needs to do? >> trump didn't do well in the election here, i assure you emanuel has pulled out all stops trying to get reelected. ainsley: what would you
3:56 am
advise him if he is watching this morning? what would you say to him? how would you clean up chicago? >> if i'm talking to the president, mr. president send people here to help. put boots on the ground here. if i'm the mayor, if i'm advising the mayor, get out. retire. take your money and run and let somebody that really cares about the city and the people, let him or her run this city. you can't just scream about climate when you got bodies being -- and this isn't just something that just happened. this has been five years into his career. he is always blaming somebody. woman embezzlings 200 and some thousand dollars or $20 million from the school system. his hand picked person. you know, his pick of people in departments is horrible. it's just not working. ainsley: thank you so much for coming on and sharing your opinion. thank you for serving. we appreciate it. >> thank you very much. ainsley: you are welcome. we have a huge show still ahead.
3:57 am
we have governor mike huckabee. we have senator cassidy and vice president mike pence. they are going to join us live. turns out dictators don't pay parking tickets. wait until you hear how much kim jong un owes america. oh, you brought butch. yeah! (butch growls at man) he's looking at me right now, isn't he? yup. (butch barks at man) butch is like an old soul that just hates my guts. (laughs) (vo) you can never have too many faithful companions. introducing the all-new crosstrek. love is out there. find it in a subaru crosstrek.
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♪ ooo baby let's... ♪ ...let's stay together... steve: hail mary play the republicans are trying to bring up this graham-cassidy bill. >> when i try people to undo that hard won progress for the 50th or 60th time it's aggravating. >> what the graham-cassidy bill does it takes power away from washington, d.c. and allows states to innovate. >> do you think it's appropriate to allow say rocket man. >> it works. speaking in terms that jung junn understand -- waking up in total darkness. the entire island without
4:01 am
power. >> operation bullpen, 100 cents of every dollar you donate are going into the community. the cameras have left and now the real work begins. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i feel good today ♪ ain't nobody going to wring me down ♪ i just got paid ♪ and i think i'm going to hit the town ainsley: such a good feeling when you get paid, right? today is thursday. brian: with direct deposit you don't have that feeling anymore. you don't line up for a check. ainsley: click on your bank account online and see extra money in there it's a good feeling. steve: right. thanks, boss. speaking of getting paid we heard in that sound bite open called right there, the city of new york is owed
4:02 am
hundreds of thousands of dollars in parking fees by kim jong un. not only is he market man is he meter man. ainsley: not that he is here in america but his people. brian: he doesn't travel much anymore. steve: they are running up the bill on him. brian: if he did travel would it be on a rocket. brian: when he goes to the cafeteria today everyone is going to be calling him that, i'm sure. let's talk about healthcare and what's going to be coming down the pike. we know a little bit later we will be talking to senator bill cassidy medical doctor from louisiana one of the last to sign onto the last generations of repeal and replace. now he along with senator herl and senator graham take money divik the medical care device tax to these states equity tillable fashion. some of the bigger states would lose and some of the bigger states wouldn't. steve: insurers could charge
4:03 am
people with preexisting conditions higher premiums if the state waives out of the system. there is some language in it but apparently it is so vague some have said unenforceable. ainsley: coverage must remain adequate and enforceable with preexisting conditions. that's too vague? steve: according to larry left premiums could be limited for people who are sick. some say coverage could become unaffordable. nonetheless, it's a political hot potato. ainsley: what if the governor of each state said they made sure they put language in there to make sure that these insurance companies can't increase the premiums? brian: that's called federalism. each state would have that opportunity. steve: that's one of the things the president likes about this. he would stand to benefit politically if something is done because he did say he wanted to fix obamacare. here he is yesterday at the united nations discussing just this. >> i believe that graham
4:04 am
cassidy really will do it the right way and it is doing it the right way. there is tremendous support from republicans. sadly, we're 47 or 48 senators and all the others, looking at it very positively. for seven years i have been hearing repeal and replace. we have been hearing how bad it is. we have been looking at the premiums go up. we have been looking at deductibles that have been through the roof. you have states like arizona where the premiums are going to be worse this year than last year and last year they were at 100 percent increase. 116%. i think there is tremendous support for it. i think it's actually much better than the previous shot, which was very sadly let down. i thought that what when i woni would go to the oval office and sit down at my desk and there would be a healthcare bill on my desk to be honest. it hasn't worked out that way. i think a lot of republicans are embarrassed by it i have to tell you i think they are going to do a great job. if this happens, it will be
4:05 am
a great thing for the country. brian: we will find out. get a vote for september 30th. >> changes are going to be made. yesterday a series of closed door meetings with people on the fence. senator mccain is not committed. ainsley: is he best friends with senator graham. brian: i said i wanted regular order. this is not regular order. nothing has changed. steve: he did say i will do whatever the governor of arizona has said. governor doocy has said i'm okay with this bill. brian: steve in the final moments before he voted know he got a call from governor doocy last time saying i'm going to go for it senator flake said go for it. the president and vice president said go for it and he famously gave it a thumbs down. ainsley: five on the fence. not sure they have enough votes. republican votes. the president said maybe we have 47, they need 50 and mike pence would be the tie breaker. senator susan collins of maine. lisa murkowski of alaska and john mccain of arizona.
4:06 am
steve: much longer list if you look at the number of republicans on the hook if this thing is not better than obamacare. and if it is more expensive and doesn't really significantly reduce things. somebody who really hates it is nancy pelosi. she called this, quote: a stinkeroo. ainsley: that's strong. brian: complained about rocket man? steve: president obama complaining about the latest effort to undo his legacy. >> when i see people try to undo that hard won progress for the 50th or 60th time it is aggravating. all of this being done without any demonstrable, economic or actuarial or plain common sense rationale, it's t. frustrates. and it certainly frustrating to have to mobilize every couple of months to keep our leaders from inflicting real human suffering on our constituents. brian: they were trying a bipartisan fix it fell apart. senator lamar alexander and
4:07 am
senator patty murray trying to fix it could not get together on how to fix it when people say fix it they are saying write more money to it in order to supplement the private exchanges. steve: it does look as if mitch mcconnell his intention is to have a vote next week. opposition is trying to mobilize here is the problem with the bill, bing, bing, bing, bing. right now the democrats did not realize that the republicans were serious about at the 11th hour trying to do this. ainsley: mitch mcconnell talked to the republican senators? a very heart felt conversation with them, said pleaded with them have you got to do this. this is why folks voted for this president. they want us to do. this we need to listen to our constituents. here is the thing he already tried to do it twice and it failed. a lot is on the line for him. if he doesn't muster enough votes next week to get this thing passed, what does that mean for him down the road? brian: michael needham talked to me a half hour ago ceo of heritage action he wanted clean repeal and replace. in the big picture he sees a lot of positives here.
4:08 am
>> what the graham-cassidy bill ultimately does is takes power away from washington, d.c. says we are not going to have every decision made in the federal capital and allow states to innovate there is a whole bunch of conservative ideas how we can take care of people with preexisting conditions. they are different how obamacare does it and doesn't mean they are wrong and doesn't mean that people like senator cassidy who supports them are liars. this country toy to elevate everything to who is lying and who is not is why people get sick the way we talk about policy. brian: why people don't want to touch it. ainsley: there are so many questions and so convoluted. yesterday we had lindsey graham on. today we have senator cassidy on. the two of them wrote this bill as you know. senator cassidy is actually a medical doctor. steve: right. ainsley: we will ask him all these questions about preexisting conditions. if the governors can handle this if they can assure that preexisting conditions can be covered. is funding going to be slashed in some governors secretary of state we will not get as much money. steve: last time the doctor was with us live would your
4:09 am
bill be cheaper or better than what we have got? he said it would be cheaper but depends on what you mean by better. plenty of questions for him and the vice president will be here in about 45 minutes. meanwhile it, looks as if donald trump has gotten some good news, the president has with a brand new "wall street journal" poll where apparently americans are digging what he is doing when it comes to reaching across the aisle. ainsley: look at this. you remember when he worked with the democrats? chuck and nancy had them at the oval office. they approved all this money to go to hurricane relief. 71% of the folks out there, they loved the fact that he was working with the democrats to fund hurricane relief. brian: there was a poll last week, too, that said over 60% of republicans want him to work across the aisle with democrats. so, there is a sense out there that people are so dug n washington, they are oblivious to the fact the average american says we are not getting anything done. we're going to have to compromise. i think the president was the first to realize that now the poll numbers reflect that. steve: or at least work together. the good news for the
4:10 am
president regarding his approval rating is he is up 10% with independents in this brand new poll. brian: we will see where this goes. the president wanted to keep focus on tax reform. but this is one distraction he welcomes. it's a relative surprise to get it done before september 30th when reconciliation opportunities, which means just 50 votes as opposed to 60 have run out. steve: unless it creators. unlescraters.we will see when io vote next week. ainsley: let's head over to jillian for headlines. jillian: puerto rico is waking up in total darkness after taking a direct hit from hurricane maria. the entire island now without power and it might not be turned back on for months. on top of that more than two feet of rain falling on parts of the island turning streets into raging rivers. president trump tweeting to the governor, quote: we are with you and the people of puerto rico. stay safe. 1,000 people now feared dead
4:11 am
following the massive earthquake in mexico. 245 victims confirmed killed in the 7.1 magnitude quake. rescuers now in a race against time to save a little girl still alive, trapped under a collapsed school. they have already pulled several children from the rubble. at least 21 kids killed did he school. the trump administration firing a v.a. official for the second and final time. brian hopkins the former director of a d.c. hospital was canned earlier this year after his facility was found unsanitary and he was caught emailing sensitive information to a private server. hawkins appealed and was rehired by the v.a. in august. but he was just fired again under the new v.a. accountability act signed into law by president trump in june. a toddler is out of the hospital after being hit in the face with a foul ball flying through the air at
4:12 am
105 miles per hour. >> the dodgers are good. look out. oh my goodness. >> the 2-year-old girl hit in the face at the yankees and twins game in new york city. players visibly shaken up. some even crying on the field. athletes now calling for protective neglect along the baseline to prevent another incident like this. and, guys, unfortunately, this is one of those things that happens more often than it should. we are talking about it seems a couple times a season. steve: it's simple. put up a net. not just balls it's bats. brian: why not do a thin one almost like fishing net that would make it possible to still see it they wanted to block the dug out for a while players getting nailed by balls. jillian: claim it takes away from fan experience. steve: a trip to the emergency room is not worth it. see if they change it.
4:13 am
ainsley: does one company make that? that would be a good idea. shark tank make a fishing line. brian: that's where jillian is going now. steve: attention barbara corcoran buy the company. brian: president trump raised the flag and the critics would not listen. this morning brand new reports of voter fraud. steve: the president's tough talk on north korea not sitting well with the mainstream media. >> do you think it's appropriate to use a term like rocket man to talk about the leader of another country who has nuclear weapons? >> well, i will tell you, george. it worked. steve: maybe. what's wrong withstanding up to a dictator? mr. steve hilton is he a program host here on fox news channel. is he here live. brian: hey, mr. show host. ♪ we didn't start the fire ♪ it was always burning ♪ since the world's been turning ♪ we didn't start the fire ♪ and we didn't
4:14 am
i'm back. aleve pm for a better am. tap one little bumper and up go your rates. what good is having insurance if you get punished for using it? for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance.
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4:18 am
rocket man. brian: u.n. ambassador nikki haley backing up the president's tough talk on north korea. despite the backlash he has received in some corners about his comment. shouldn't he be appraised for putting the focus on these type of threats? after all he didn't create them. let's ask the host of the weekend show the next revolution steve hilton. great to he so you. the world came to us and you came to us at the same weekend the u.n. is across the street. >> thanks for having me. brian: the president's remarks are getting a lot of attention. isn't he just addressing problems that were put in his lap by the same people critical of him? they are acting as if he created these problems? >> this is what makes me laugh. it's part of the general way in which the elites and establishment in all areas criticize president trump. so have you all these pompous people at the u.n. and foreign policy experts going oh, you shouldn't speak like this and be more diplomatic. these great experts in foreign policy. they are the ones that have caused all these problems. they let north korea get to this point. administration after
4:19 am
administration. clinton, bush, obama. same with iran. same all around the world. these great geniuses of foreign policy patronizing about how president trump speaks they have left the world in a mess. brian: see what happens next and how this is going to be interpetraeused for the north korean leader. i want to talk about the iranian deal. rex tillerson gave a lengthy interview we have to revisit it terrible deal. ballistic missiles can still shoot and adhered to the deal. still fomenting terror throughout the region. we know what they are doing with syria. the president says i want to open this up and change it where do you think we are headed with this and what do you think the european response would be if we open it up or walk away. >> first of all, the important point to bear in mind when you hear a lot of discussion around the iran deal about whether iran is compliant or not is slightly beside the point. because, even if they are compliant, that still means they can end up with a nuclear weapon just later rather than earlier. brian: 10 years. >> what's the difference?
4:20 am
if you take a long-term view it's not compliant or not. it's the basic idea either you agree with the fact that iran should have a nuclear weapon or not. president trump has said not. therefore you have got to get out of the whole thing. now, how you do that in terms of the immediate negotiations is less important than saying we are not going to accept an iran with nuclear weapons. all the previous administrations and the europeans seem to be comfortable with that and they felt well, there is nothing we can do about it anyway. we might as well have this deal. trump is saying no. we are going to stop you getting nuclear weapons now. the exact part of that is not clear but a difference of approach. brian: by the way i have made my decision already. i will tell you later. >> it's another tease. brian: decide by october 15th. steve, congratulations on your show. we will watch you over the weekend. meanwhile, 10 minutes before the bottom of the hour. what if the government told you when to work, what to eat and when to sleep. sounds like a nightmare, right? well, it is a reality for our next guest. then, governor mike huckabee, senator bill
4:21 am
cassidy will be on separately and vice president mike pence. yeah, we are bragging. ♪ ♪ can we do this tomorrow? (grunts of effort) can we do this tomorrow? if you have heart failure symptoms, your risk of hospitalization could increase, making tomorrow uncertain. but entresto is a medicine that was proven, in the largest heart failure study ever, to help more people stay alive and out of the hospital than a leading heart failure medicine. women who are pregnant must not take entresto. it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren. if you've had angioedema while taking an ace or arb medicine, don't take entresto. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high potassium in your blood. ♪ tomorrow, tomorrow... ♪
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4:24 am
ainsley: time for news by the numbers. five. that's how many illegals under arrest after border agents found $145,000 worth of drugs in one car. two immigrants stuck in the trunk of another. 227, how many noncitizen votes were cast in the last decades in philadelphia. city misser blames tonight drivers license system which incorrectly allows noncitizens registered to vote. $156,000. that's how much north korea dictator kim jong un owes new york city in unpaid parking tickets. according to nbc, the fines from diplomats take back to the 1990s.
4:25 am
the communist country denying the debt. steve? steve: of course. all right, ainsley. thank you. regulation run amuck. the federal government is literally telling him when he has to work, eat, and sleep. matthew garnet writing in the federalist, quote, i never thought i would come to a time when i life. truck driver. uncle sam never make a decision for myself based on circumstances. here to he will it us more about the regulations he faces every day is truck driver matthew garnet. he is also the host of the podcast in layman's terms. matthew, good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. steve: it's great to have you. when politicians go on television and say we really need to reduce the number of regulations. you know firsthand because the trucking industry is, in your estimation, so completely overregulated. for instance, i have one watch. right now it's 7:25. how many different clocks do
4:26 am
you have in your life? >> well, i have that one plus four more. so, i mean, if you recallerwell 1984 they had the screens where big brother is watching you. i have a version of that in my truck. and so when i start working for the day, two of those clocks start in addition to the one you are fighting and then when i start driving another two start. so, that's what's going on. you know, when you guys are in a rush to try to get to work on time and that sort of thing, that's kind of how a truck driver feels all the time. steve: at what point, matthew does according to the federal government your clock run out for the day where have you got to pull over even though for run reason or another you might have only been driving for a couple hours? >> well, let's say, for instance, i mean this would never happen, but let's say, for instance, i got stuck at a shipper for 10 hours for some reason. steve: all right. >> at a dock. literally i would only have
4:27 am
four hours left to drive. now, i'm not going to try to take you through all the hours of service regulations. there are parts about it i still don't understand. steve: right. >> but those running clocks reduce the amount of time that you are allow you had to be on the road. once those clocks run out. you have to stop driving. steve: sure. i understand there are also regulations on off-duty time. so if you are not on duty, you -- let's say this weekend it's your off duty time and you can't mow the yard, you can't take out the garbage, you can't do stuff in your off duty time according to uncle sam? >> >> well, if a state trooper really wanted to throw the book at you, they could ask you about that sort of thing. there are nigh nightmarish thins that happen like that. one of my colleagues one time sent an email to his dispatcher when he was on off duty time. that's a violation. he got fined for that. steve: unbelievable. >> if it was discovered,
4:28 am
yeah, that i was working on off duty time, it just depends on how run into out there. it can happen. that's the regulations. steve: ultimately, one of the reasons you are sounding this clarion call is because you say a lot of these regulations are making us less safe. how so? >> right. so, for instance, you are fighting the clock. you are already five minutes late for work and another five miles to go. we feel that way all the time. we always feel lining we are in a rush because of these clocks. that's just human nature. that's the instinct that kicks in when you are fighting clocks. on top of that while you are fighting the clock, sometimes you are fighting fatigue because that little computer there literal solid telling when you it's time to sleep. when that thing runs out, it's time to sleep. when you have more time, it's time to drive. and so you're forced -- you are put into situations that just literally force you to do that. steve: well, matthew, right now our clock says 7:28. thank you very much for stopping by from baltimore
4:29 am
to tell us how regulations, so many of them are strangling your business. thank you, sir. >> thank you, steve. steve: all right. meanwhile, straight ahead, the vice president of the united states, mike pence is going to be here in about a half an hour according to the clock. then, what should happen with the iran deal? governor mike huckabee has got an opinion and he is coming up next. and a painting of cops depicted as pigs displayed, guess where that is. at a high school. how do you feel about that? ♪ throw my hands up and shout ♪ throw my hands back and shout ♪ come on, now. ♪ say you will ♪ don't forget to say yeah, yeah, yeah. ♪ say you will ♪ say it right now. ♪ say you will ♪ tear production due to inflammation. so i use restasis multidose®. it helps me make more of my own tears,
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steve: puerto rico is waking up in total darkness after taking a direct hit from
4:33 am
hurricane maria, the monster storm unleashing 155 mile-per-hour winds yesterday, tearing buildings apart and knocking out the power to the entire island, brian. brian: yep. officials say it could take months before power is turned back on. and on top of that more than two feet of rain falling in some parts turning streets into rivers. ainsley: janice dean is tracking this hurricane and hurricane maria and who say. janice: take a look at tropical storm maria off the east coast. there is maria still a category 3 storm, perhaps intensifying as it goes over the warmer waters near the bahamas. we are also watching what was left of lee, that could develop as well. so, maria's history was incredible because it went from a storm to a, you know, a major hurricane in just a matter of hours. we are getting unofficial reports of 3 feet of rain across puerto rico. the whole island of puerto rico was under a flash flood
4:34 am
warning yesterday. and the power outages remain, you know, devastating. the damage is incredible. and now the storm has lifted north and westward. it's going to skim the dominican republic and then we think east of the turks and caicos, east of the bahamas, and our fingers are crossed because we think it's going to remain off the east coast, which will be great news. we'll continue to monitor it but we think, fingers crossed, it's going to he remain out at sea after this. back to you. steve: let's hope. janice thank you very much. by the way, it is tropical storm jose responsible for the almost nighttime conditions here in new york city right now. ainsley: meanwhile, let's bring in former governor of arkansas. former presidential candidate and fox news contributor mr. mike huckabee or governor huckabee i should say. good morning to you. >> good morning, ainsley. great to be with you guys today. ainsley: good morning. i know you probably have a reaction to what's happening in puerto rico and all the families that are affected there. >> it's just awful. the word that i think of is
4:35 am
apocalyptic. if people want to know what would be the impact of an electrode magnetic pulse, which is a nuclear device exploding above the united states, look at puerto rico. take a good look and add to that calamity that no cell phone and no other electronic hand held device would work. we just need to realize that this is an unprecedented kind of situation for the island of puerto rico. and you know, we don't think about them enough because they are a territory and not a state. we need to think about them because they are in a world of hurt and going to be for a long time. brian: let's talk about healthcare. if you were governor of arkansas, would this be a plan that you would get behind because we know a republican governor like governor christie is not getting behind it because he says it will be 4 billion less for new jersey. where do you stand on graham-cassidy? >> i would absolutely get behind it for the simple reason that to quote voltaire, perfect is the enemy of the good and sometimes washington is
4:36 am
paralyzed by a quest for perfection rather than doing that which is better than they have. this is a great example of that if the problem is lack of money for specific states, that could be fixed. but obamacare can't be fixed. what we have is an airplane that is spiraling toward the ground about to explode and we have people that are complaining about the snacks that are being served. this is why we need to get a handle on the yoke and pull this thing back and keep it in the air and best thing to do it is pass this bill. it empowers states. it gives them flexibility. during the time when i was governor we had 49 out of 50 governors sign on to a proposal to congress that said give us less money. think about that. give us less money, give us more flexibility. we can make medicaid work. i'm telling you, the problem is not that states can't do something. the problem is, the federal government won't let them. graham-cassidy gives them the permission, gives them the opportunity to fix a lot of the reasons that obamacare won't work and the
4:37 am
number one among them is this. there is no federal template that you can put over 50 states. what healthcare needs to look like in mississippi is dramatically different than what it would look like in massachusetts. steve: sure. so let's see how the senate goes. they could have a vote next week according to mitch mcconnell's people. meanwhile, the president of the united states, governor, has been hinting that he has made a decision on the nuke deal, which, you know, he has regarded as an embarrassment. one of the worst deals in the hills industry of deals. here he is yesterday. >> well, i have to tell you,. >> okay. [several asking questions] >> i will let you know. steve: it's a cliff hanger, he will let us know in the next week or. so but, really, after all he has said about it, being a stink bomb deal, he is going to try to pull out. >> well, let's hope so. it is a terrible deal. we should have never gotten in it. and if we had gotten in it, we should have had the senate affirm it this was a
4:38 am
bad deal not only in the substance but in the manner in which it was done by olbermann who did an end around the senate and essentially had an effect treaty without senate approval. for all of those reasons, most importantly it's a dangerous deal. if he doesn't get out of it, it's almost like saying the food in front of me is inedible. give me a double portion of it. i think he is honored bound by campaign promises and honor bound by everything he said. is he duty bound as president to get us out of something that is atrociously dangerous for the united states. brian: he needs to change it expiration date bothers him. ballistic missile is not covered there. that bothers him. but there is so much they got already since it was front loaded to walk away actually might be, in many respects to iran's benefit because they get everything. sanctions gone. cash on pallets and get nuclear weapons. there is a downside to it, governor. look forward to talking to you to see after he makes his decision.
4:39 am
>> look forward to it, thanks. ainsley: hand it over to jillian nor hid lines. jillian: let's begin with this story. brand new bombshell report accusing the obama administration of unmasking hundreds of americans on almost daily basis. sources tell fox news the former u.s. ambassador to the united nations samantha powers made more than 260 identification requests in 2016. and the days leading up to the inauguration. powers expected to appear on capitol hill next month facing scrutiny for her role in seeking the identities of president trump's associates in intelligence reports. the state of california suing the trump administration, calling the proposed border wall unconstitutional. but attorney general jeff sessions says it's a matter of government responsibility. >> they want to october to the law being followed. people who come in to the united states illegally and then commit additional crimes, why they shouldn't
4:40 am
be deported is beyond me. jillian: lawsuit aims to stop design, planning and construction of the wall. it argue the government is overstepping its authority by waiving environmental reviews and other laws. outrage on a college campus after a student paints a picture depicting police officers as pigs. the sacramento state university artist says he is expressing his feelings. other students are not having it. >> police officers, they put on a uniform and they go out to work every single day and to view them or perceive them as something like this is pretty upsetting. jillian: the school is standing by him. earlier this year a democratic congressman hung a similar painting in a capitol hill building. it was taken down after being deemed inappropriate. a look at your headlines. send it back to you guys. i'm sure that story is going to get a lot of reaction from people. brian: thanks, jillian. one the lawmakers behind the newest plan to repeal and replace obamacare.
4:41 am
something the president endorses. so can republicans get it done in time? we're talking about september 30th. we are going to ask him because is he here senator bill cassidy live. ainsley: he lost both of his legs in the boston marathon bombing. now there is a movie that's chronicling his survival story it's coming out this weekend and he hopes it makes america stronger. he is here with us in just a few minutes. ♪ ♪ with advil, you'll ask what twisted ankle? what muscle strain? advil makes pain a distant memory nothing works faster stronger or longer what pain? advil.
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4:45 am
many of ours viewers are confused about this. they have questions. first of all, the main issue here is the preexisting conditions. some people have been asking questions about preexisting conditions. can you guarantee that these governors, if they get this money that they will make sure those folks with other diseases already that they will be covered? >> the legislation says that nothing the governor asks for will be approved unless there is affordable and adequate coverage for those with preexisting conditions. president trump tweeted last night he will not sign legislation unless it protects those with preexisting conditions. my own story is that i worked for 25 years that public hospital for the uninsured. sometimes treating those who lost their insurance because an insurance company cut them off because they had a preexisting condition. my life's work has been taking care of those folks. we continue to take care of them in this legislation. brian: most of the opposition is really not coming from democrats yet although they are not happy with it it's coming from
4:46 am
jimmie cinel mejimmy kimmel in . he called you out again last night. watch. >> they are not taking care of people. they're taking care of people who give the money like insurance company. most of the congress people who vote on this bill probably won't read it they want us to treat it like service agreement. this guy, bill cassidy just lied right to my face. when senator cassidy was on my show in may, he told me that he believed that every american family, regardless of income should be able to get quality healthcare, and i believed he was sincere. sadly, the bill he unveiled last week with senator lindsey graham indicates that he was not sincere. it is, by many accounts, the worst healthcare bill yet. brian: your thoughts? >> yeah. so jimmy doesn't understand not because he is a talk show host because we have never spoken. he has only heard from those on the left doing their best to preserve obamacare. he has not heard from me. we have not spoken. i would love to talk to him about this.
4:47 am
ainsley: he said you were on his show. >> i was on his show a year ago. everything i said is true. how do you pay for it without break the bank and how do you take care of those providing insurance? our bill does that gives billions of states like maine, virginia, and missouri so the low -- that their states don't have right now, that those lower income families can have access to insurance and care for their preexisting. he just doesn't understand that i said that not to provoke but to just actually ask for him at least to consider those families in maine, virginia, and missouri. steve: absolutely. senator, we do know in your plan it gets rid of the employer mandate and a lot of businesses love that idea. ultimately, it comes down to this. for the families involved, is it cheaper and is it better than what we have got right now? >> absolutely. there is a fellow back home in -- by the way, let me start over and say if you're kind of getting a benefit, i can see why you feel threatened. no one likes change there is a group called the strivers,
4:48 am
group making money and working hard. they work so much they don't get a subsidy. there is a fellow back home with a special needs child he is paying over 40,000 a year for his premiums. has to have insurance. has a special needs child. estimated his premium goes up 20% this next year. that does not take care of a striver. does not take care of somebody whose child has a preexisting condition. our bill gives the states the opportunity to do something it does. brian: real quick. graham-cassidy says take as crowbar to medicaid. that according to some georgetown university center for children and families. >> yeah. totally wrong. and the traditional medicaid program all states are going to a cap station. means they pay the insurance company a certain amount per person. this just says okay, the federal government will pay a certain amount to the state and the state will pay a certain amount to the insurance company. that's lining things up. that is doing what the states already do. but it protects the federal
4:49 am
taxpayer from people making kind of an open-ended run on the federal tax dollar. steve: well, the big vote looks like it's going to be in the senate next week. senator cassidy, thank you very much for joining us live today. ainsley: thank you, senator. >> thank you. brian: coming up straight ahead, he lost both his legs in the boston marathon bombing. now his incredible story is led to the big screen this weekend. he is here in minutes with an awesome message for you. then -- ainsley: here live on america first, obamacare repeal and life in washington, d.c.
4:50 am
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4:52 am
♪ ♪ steve: the movie "stronger"
4:53 am
chronicles the real life story of baughman played by jake during the movie. the film shows some of the most intimate moments including the first time standing after the incident with the help of prosthetics. >> back, back, chest up. chest up, jesse. okay. chest up. chest up, chest up. good. good. okay? good. you are so strong. steve: joining us now is the subject of the film, the guy who wrote the book boston marathon bombing survivor jeff baughman. good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: so as you watch jake jillenhall in the movie and the first time you stood up does that seem familiar. >> yeah. it's really moving to see that especially on the big screen. you know, it's really.
4:54 am
steve: when you first heard they were going to make a movie of your story o of what happened through at the finish line in downtown boston. what did you think? >> i didn't think it was serious. i was like wait, why do you want to make a movie about me? it took a lot of convincing. i had the book done. i had my book "stronger" done. i was like -- the book was cool. it was a "new york times" best tell seller. you guys had me on the show before. i was like all right. that's cool. and then other people called me up, todd leashman and david and john silver called me up and said hey, we want to make it a moe. steve: in the aftermath of the explosion where the tsarnaev brothers set off pressure cooker bombs, the image of you being carried to the ambulance and there it is right there, became so famous, do you remember what you were thinking right then in that image or were you just completely in shock?
4:55 am
>> no. i remember. i could see my leg. i was thinking, you know, where am i going? i had no idea where we were going on the street because we just went -- in that picture we just went under the finish line. we were actually on the course. and i had nowhere -- i was like where are we going? i didn't see anything. people in front of me. and then all the sudden we took a right into a medical tent and then i saw the ambulance at the end of the tent and i got like i was like the ambulance. and i knew i was going to make it then. steve: you wrote the book and now it is a movie to. show your gratitude. where did you have the premier of the movie? >> at spalding rehab right at boston the u.s. premier. and it was really moving to go back there with everybody bring the movie and show my caregivers. my nurse and my surgeon jeff kalesh and nursing staff most of them to all of them are in the actual movie.
4:56 am
steve: does jake guillenhall play a good jeff bauman? >> yeah. he does a great job. steve: it's in the movie theaters september 22nd? >> thank you. steve: we want to give out a shoutout to jeff's brother allen bauman who is serving in talking gram air force base in afghanistan. thank you for your service. and someone else with a son serving in the military right there. vice president mike pence joins us on the curvey couch. come on in, you're next on "fox & friends." ♪ ♪ i got american faith ♪ in america's heart ♪ go on, raise the flag.
4:57 am
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5:00 am
steve: every year they have this thing on the east side of manhattan called the united nations general assembly it really screws up traffic. great people come to town to do some talking. look who is here it's the vice president of the united states mike pence. ainsley: welcome. so glad to have you in the studio. >> good morning. brian: world to worry about and domestic program you want to see get through that is healthcare. before we do that, we had a natural disaster happen. earthquake slammed into mexico. what could you tell us about mexico city. i know the president immediately reached out and said he will help out. >> he did. the president took divisive action ttook decisiveaction. >> work in urban search and rescue. and they are -- they have been mobilized in mexico city. president reached out to president pe pinpresident with .
5:01 am
loss particularly the children, school, i just want the american people to know the president has used the full resources of the united states to make sure that people who specialize in that area are there and with regard to puerto rico, we have people coming ashore now who will prepositioned on ships. we're about to deliver 8 million meals over 8 million litters of water, 31 industrial generators. we are there with the people of puerto rico as president trump has said and we are going to stay there until puerto rico and all the good people there build all the way back. steve: they're going to need a lot of help. ainsley: last ditch effort on obamacare. i know that the senate is going to take a vote next week there are about five republican holdouts. is this thing going to pass? >> we'll see. we're close. and the graham-cassidy bill we believe is the right solution at the right time. to repeal and replace obamacare with the kind of reform that will allow
5:02 am
states to innovate and to create better quality healthcare, better access for americans and capture that innovation of democracy and reform that, frankly, our founders contemplated when they crafted the constitution. the idea of federalism. it's such a contrast to what bernie sanders and the democrats announced last week, which is their ultimate goal is single payer healthcare. everything concentrated in washington, d.c. managing scarcity, and ultimately putting enormous burden on taxpayers. the president and i believe the graham-cassidy bill is the right idea. the president is absolutely determined to keep his promise to repeal and replace obamacare. we are urging every american to reach out to members of the senate and the house and urge them as the senate takes up this bill next week to vote to support graham-cassidy and repeal and replace obamacare. steve: we had senator rand paul on yesterday and he said he is leaning toward
5:03 am
being a no because it doesn't really replace and repeal. it's kind of a work-around. a lot of people are looking in thinking well, they've got a plan. it better be better than what we've got right now. can you tell us that it's better than obamacare? >> almost anything would be better than obamacare. obamacare is imploding. it's collapsing all across the country. it's remarkable to see the pattern. we have seen people losing their insurance, losing their doctors. we have seen the average american see the cost of their insurance go up by more than $3,000. have you got thousands of counties across the country where there is either only one choice or no choice. literally these obamacare exchanges are collapsing before our eyes. let me say. the president and i consider senator paul a friend. he is a good man but he is wrong about this. graham-cassidy bill repeals and replaces obamacare. it repeals the individual mandate. it repeals the businessman date. it repeals the tax penalties
5:04 am
associated with that. brian: does it keep 90% of the taxes in there, roughly? >> it repeals the medical device tax and other taxes. then, what it ultimately does, brian, it block grants all of those resources back to the states to do, frankly, even more than we were able to do when i was governor of the state of indiana. brian: what do you say when governors say like governor christie i'm getting 4 billion less. i'm not for this? >> it's absolutely true to say the graham-cassidy bill over time levels out on a per person basis the way we distribute money on healthcare, which i think resonates with most americans. ultimately get to place where the resources available to states are based on a per individual basis. and we'll get to that. but, there is time in the days ahead and in future budgets to address those issues as they arise. we really do believe that this may well be our last best chance to stop and turn around and head america back
5:05 am
in the direction of the kind of healthcare reform that's based on individual choice, state based innovations, and the president and i are determined to do all that we can to see this through. ainsley: have you folks like jimmy kimmel worried about the preexisting thing because this will be up to the governors to decide how the money is disbursed, who gets coverage. every state will determine what's best for their folks. with that can you guarantee that preexisting conditions are covered. >> thomas jefferson said the government that governs least governs best. the question you ought to ask is who do you think will be more responsive to the healthcare needs in your community your governor and state legislator or a congress and president in far off nation's capital? this is the concept of federalism upon which our constitution was framed. but this legislation, graham-cassidy as its authors have said contains all the protections for preexisting conditions as
5:06 am
the president indicated. at the end of the day, we have to recognize that obamacare has failed and as much as its defenders want to deny the facts. brian: including the president. president obama yesterday said he's tired of this. 50 times repeal it i always have to keep defending it is he angry for you guys to continue to bring it up. >> i saw the former president's comments. he made some reference to having to oppose efforts in congress that would result. i think he used the word real suffering. as president trump and i travel around this country we have seen real suffering. we have seen people with tears in their eyes talk about insurance that they can't afford, a tax they have to pay and get no coverage at all. we have heard about people -- i was with a woman in ohio who told me that the obamacare coverage that she purchased because the law requires you to either pay a tax or purchase it, that card could not be used at any healthcare provider in her county. and she literally -- literally with tears in her eyes said to me you have to do something. the american people are
5:07 am
struggling under the weight of obamacare. our economy is struggling under the weight of obamacare. brian: some people see -- >> -- president trump is absolutely determined. brian: mr. vice president some people see the fact they get medicaid for the first time oh my goodness those republicans are going to take it away. >> can i mention indiana? because from the very first conversation i had with president trump, he spoke favorably of what we did in the state of indiana with medicaid. what we did was go to the federal government and we said, look, we want to expand medicaid but we want to do it the indiana way. steve: right. >> so for the first time we got the most significant flexibility in the history of medicaid. people in indiana today on medicaid have health savings accounts. they're able to choose their own doctor. they are able to be in primary care. they are given incentives for engaging in wellness like quitting smoking and losing weight. people love it. the healthcare outcomes have been encouraging. people are moving from emergency rooms to primary care. and the graham-cassidy bill includes significantly more
5:08 am
flexibility than we ever got in indiana. i mean, ultimately, i know that many in the national media want to focus on the politics of this and whether this gets done and what it means to people. can i tell what you president trump and i are focused on, what the authors of this bill are focused on is passing legislation that will improve healthcare and ultimately improve people's lives. and the kind of reforms that this will make possible in medicaid, i truly believe are going to improve the lives of our most vulnerable all across this country. steve: they are going to do something next week vote-wise in the senate regarding obamacare. another obamacare policy north korea which we have been talking about over at the united nations this week is the policy of strategic patience. essentially let's just kick the can down the road until the next guy gets here. >> right. steve: you guys are the next guys. the president when he went out he talked about america first whereas john kerry came out and said a speech like that makes america
5:09 am
last. some are very critical of the fact that the president referred to kumaritashvili kim e rocket man. what do you say to credited particulars who say he shouldn't have poked him in the eye like that? >> i say that most americans know and -- frankly, the world knows that a strong tough-minded, plain-spoken american president contributes to the security and peace in the world. i mean, the simple truth is that north korea's continued provocations, a nuclear test, ballistic missile test threats against the continental united states of america and allies in the region is unacceptable. the president sent me to the region early this year to say that this 25-year era of strategic patience is over. we'll be meeting today with president moan, with prime minister abe. we will be talking about continue to marshall the
5:10 am
diplomatic power of the region and wider world to achieve a peaceable outcome. but the world is in agreement. we cannot permit a rogue regime in pyongyang to possess ballistic missiles and use nuclear weapons. that represents a threat to the united states, to our allies and other nations in the region and we're going to continue to bring that pressure. i know president trump is going to continue to speak plainly and forcefully about our -- steve: pressure has got to come from china. behind the scenes, how big is the pressure on them right now? >> well, you know, we are grateful that. steve: how grateful? >> china and russia have supported resolutions in the u.n. security council. i address the security council yesterday and spoke of our appreciation. unanimous decisions in the security council. but candidly, president trump has also made it clear that china needs to do more, much more, and the united nations and the family of nations needs to do more. we do not desire a military conflict.
5:11 am
but the president has made it very clear as he did at the u.n. this week that all options are on the table and we are simply not going to tolerate a rogue regime in pyongyang obtaining usable nuclear weapons that could be mounted on a ballistic missile and threaten the people of the united states or our allies. ainsley: what is the president's response when the president says you have to cut them off completely not 30% are but 100 percent. >> i met with the foreign minister of china and we made it very clear that we expect them to do more. president trump enjoys a very positive relationship with president xi. we believe that relationship has created opportunities that have resulted in china taking the unprecedented action they have taken to date, ainsley. but, at the end of the day, we truly do believe to achieve a peaceable outcome and nuclear-free korean peninsula that china has to lead that effort in a very real way, bring pressure to bear on north korea.
5:12 am
we'll continue to work closely with them to achieve that. brian: the travel ban is about to expire on sunday. 90-day travel ban to decide how we deal with six terror laden nations that don't seem to have control of immigration system. what are you going to do after that when that expires on sunday? >> the president will make a decision about any additional policy changes, but i can assure you that we have implemented at the president's direction from the first of the year the extreme vetting measures that have been designed to make sure that people coming into this country don't represent a threat to this country. president trump and i met yesterday with prime minister may. we expressed our deep condolences and sadness for the recent attack in the subway that took place on the 15th. it's it's publicly been reported those are individuals that come into england refugee program. it simplyunder scores strong leadership that president trump has provided have to
5:13 am
continue that anyone coming into the united states of america does not represent a threat to our communities and our families. brian: how concerned are you about the revelations about the unmasking of trump campaign workers? the last allegation has samantha powers making multiple requests. >> well, all of these revelations are breath-taking to me, including the recent news that there was, in fact, wiretapping against someone at a condominium in the trump tower. that whole process is going to go forward. and i can assure you that we're fully cooperating with the special counsel's efforts. we will continue to do that. but we're going to stay focused where the american people are focused. and that's on advancing the national security of this country, improving healthcare. growing this economy and we'll let them do their job. we're going to keep doing our job. brian: was it good to
5:14 am
>> always good to be back. steve: thank you, vice president. we know you have a country to run. ainsley: thank you. all the best to your son too. he's a marine. >> thank you, ainsley. steve: we'll be right back. two minutes. s i used to. i even accept i have a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. but no matter where i ride, i go for my best. so if there's something better than warfarin, i'll go for that too. eliquis. eliquis reduced the risk of stroke better than warfarin, plus had less major bleeding than warfarin. eliquis had both. don't stop taking eliquis unless your doctor tells you to, as stopping increases your risk of having a stroke. eliquis can cause serious and in rare cases fatal bleeding. don't take eliquis if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. while taking eliquis, you may bruise more easily... ...and it may take longer than usual for any bleeding to stop. seek immediate medical care for sudden signs of bleeding, like unusual bruising. eliquis may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines.
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brian: got a brand-new bombshell report accusing the obama administration of -- get this. unmasking hundreds of americans almost on a daily basis including right up to inauguration day this past year, 2017. steve: rob joins us in new york city with the details. >> the motivate here is going to be the big question in all of this. the unmasking is one thing but why it was done is what we want to find out. the obama administration unmasking scandal just got bigger than both sides could ever imagine. sources telling fox news more than 260 identification requests were made in just 2016 by the former u.s. ambassador to the un samantha power. the inquiries made allegedly for no reason and at an alarming rate. we're talking one for every working day. a lot of unmasking. accused the power as going as far as trying to expose the names of president trump's associates just days before the president's inauguration.
5:19 am
power not responding to our request for a comment on the latest unmasking bombshell on this new information, a story we've been following for a while. a previous statement from her attorney noted that while serving as our permanent representative to the united nations, powers was also a member of the national security council involved in advising the president confronting the united states. any insinuation that ambassador powers was involved in leaking classified information, such as these names is absolutely false. many believe that power along with former national security adviser susan rice misused the government process of unmasking, which is really intended for the intelligence community. powers is expected to appear on capitol hill next month facing scrutiny for the role in the unmasking scandal. and then we'll get more answers on what's going on here. but that's the big request he. were they using the government's power of investigation and looking into things for political purposes. maybe trying to smear the incoming president rather than for the purpose of keeping us safe, which would be a big
5:20 am
deal. steve: also, other un ambassadors have made unmasking requests. but usually that -- >> they said the rate was in the tens or 20s or 30s. you're talking 260 over the course of one year. brian: tray gowdy, one of the lawmakers asked these leading questions if they knew the answer about the unmasking, and it turns out they might have known something. >> he's been very fair about the whole thing. he's made some compliments to susan rice and more than fair about the process being on the other side of the aisle. steve: let's see where it goes. bob, thank you. >> sure. steve: meanwhile, half a million cars flooded from hurricane harvey in houston alone. half of them could end up on used car lots nationwide. how do you spot a flooded car? bob massie has everything you need to know if you're thinking about buying a used car. brian: you heard me. no more best friends allowed. wait until you hear why.
5:21 am
ainsley: take away the best. big news from advil, advil liqui-gels minis. our first concentrated pill that rushes powerful relief. a small new size that's fast, cause it's liquid. woohoo! you'll ask, what pain? new advil liqui-gels minis. 83% try to eat healthy, yet up to 90% fall short on getting key nutrients. let's do more. one-a-day men's. complete with key nutrients we may need, plus heart health support with b vitamins. one-a-day men's.
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>> back with some quick headlines starting with a fox news alert. 1,000 people now feared dead following the massive earthquake in mexico. 245 victims confirmed killed in the 7.1 magnitude quake. rescuers say they're getting closer to saving a little girl alive and trapped underneath a collapsed school. they've already pulled several children from the rubble. at least 21 kids have been killed at that school. and a toddler is rushed to the hospital after she's hit with
5:25 am
a foul ball flying through the air at 105 miles per hour. >> the dodgers are good. look out. oh, my goodness. >> the 2-year-old girl hit in the face at the yankees and twins game in new york city. players visibly shaken. some even crying on the field. the athletes now calling for protective netting along the baseline to prevent another incident like this. ainsley. >> all right. thank you. buyer beware. in the aftermath of harvey, scammers might try to pray on unsuspecting consumers looking to buy a used car. in houston alone, 500,000 cars were damaged and as many as half could end up on the dealer lot. so how could you avoid buying a car that was flooded out from harvey? let's ask the host of the property man and fox news legal analyst bob mass peep, hey, bob. >> good morning, ainsley.
5:26 am
ainsley: good morning. this just sounds crazy. you see the video of all of these cars submerged in water. some of these are salvageable, and they're going to end up back on the lot? >> you know, we always talk about homes and the content of homes. we forget about all the cars that are damaged. what happens is the insurance companies will adjust the cars. and sometimes they total them and sell them for salvage. or sometimes they can be sold at an auction and shipped anywhere in the country. it can have flood damage, and it's another way that people can basically come victims themselves of something that happened in another state when buying a used car. ainsley: what about the responsibility of the dealership if they know they were buying a car that was flooded? >> yeah. i mean, they're responsible to disclose it. but the dealership you're dealing with is the credibility of the dealership you're dealing with. so if, in fact, you are buying a used car, you have to be
5:27 am
diligent yourself as the person buying. you have to ask when was the car shipped? gets the vin number. and if they back off and say, oh, no. no. no. you have a problem, potentially. and they have a responsibility to say this is a flood-damaged vehicle. and when you read the statistics on it, it's amazing. i couldn't believe when i started researching this story how many times this happens all over the country that these cars from these catastrophes end up being sold to consumer -- and some of these stomachs, if you will, of flood damage, ainsley. sometimes they say it sakes six months to a year to manifest itself. ainsley: what is the life span of a flooded car? do they work again? >> well, that's what's interesting. what they said with all the cars being made today, the technology like we find in iphones, that's the problem. the water damages these computers so bad that whatever repairs that are done, they're basically never to the standard they should be. so when you're buying these cars as a result of flood damage and you don't know that.
5:28 am
ultimately, they say it's basically going to tumble down. and as a result, you the consumer, again, gets on the don't side, and they get screwed in the deal. ainsley: what do you do? i mean, cars are so expensive and my dad always said don't ever buy a brand-new car because the moment you drive it off the lot, it devalues. in this circumstance, though, maybe you should buy new. >> well, listen, i mean, obviously, there are some people that can afford new cars and some that can't. but the point and reason why we wanted to pint this story out to our viewers today is to understand when you're in a position to go buy a used car, understand you have the right to ask questions. on any kind of car, by the way. but is this a flood-damaged car. was it shipped from anywhere in florida or texas or anywhere else where we had flood damage? be diligent. ask the questions and check carfax. they do say carfax will report some of these issues. you just have to be diligent and recognize the car that you're buying as it appears
5:29 am
may not be what it actually appears to be. ainsley: okay. thank you, bob. great advice. something i would not even think about that when i go to buy a car. so thanks for making us aware of that. the property man airs on fridays at 8:30 p.m. eastern on fbn. next on the run down. she went to the un to tackle cyber bullying. then the first lady was bullied online for her outfit. plus, he's calling president trump united nations speech one of the best ever. reverend franklin graham joins us next. when it comes to heartburn trust the brand doctors trust for themselves. nexium 24hr is the number one choice of doctors and pharmacists for their own frequent heartburn. and all day all night protection. when it comes to frequent heartburn, trust nexium 24hr.
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brian: back with a fox news alert. puerto rico is waking up in total darkness after waking up from hurricane maria. steve: the hurricane unleashed 1 55-mile-per-hour winds on the island, tore buildings apart, knocked out power across the entire island. 100% no power in puerto rico. ainsley: i mean, not to have power for a week is awful. but officials are saying it could take months before the power is even turned back on. to top all of that off, more than two feet of rain falling in some parts, turning streets now into -- look at that video. into raging rivers. brian: you've been staring at it for months, and that's hurricane. janice dean is tracking hurricane maria now and tropical storm josé. janice, what's the decision? >> josé is staying offshore, but bringing inclement weather. maria, 135-mile per hour winds as well as puerto rico, but the big story in puerto rico is water. storm surge of nine to
5:34 am
11 feet. we're getting reports of three feet of rain across this region. it's catastrophic. now the storm is offshore. it's moving into warmer waters. that eye is about 30 to 40 miles wide. it's huge. it's impacting right now the dominican republic. the good news is we think it has moved east of the bahamas and hopefully my fingers are crossed, east of the u.s. but we still have to monitor it in the next couple of days. but i'm liking this trend. the trend is going to remain offshore and the storm is going to weaken. back to you. steve: all right. thank you very much. of course, in the wake of the storms, there's so much destruction and so much despair and we're bringing in franklin graham. and, franklin, how many people have you helped with this particular hurricane so far? >> we have helped quite a few so far. but this hurricane is just a week old. it's the hurricanes before it that we've been working with. we were set. we had a base set up in san juan. we had to close that base. still had people there. but we had to pull out
5:35 am
airplanes and release supplies, we had to pull that out. we should be going back in late tonight, hopefully we go back in tomorrow. we've got 1,000 generators that were taken in. we've ordered another 1,000. lowe's has given us a good deal on getting these. we appreciate their help. so these generators will go in. we've got plastic tarps. these are heavy duty tarps that if the person lost their roof, they can put that on, and it will keep them in the dry. it's not a permanent fix, but it's a temporary solution. we've got people there, we're just waiting for the airport to open. ainsley: how do you organize it? so when your folks, when your planes land on the ground, where do you go? how do you know what houses to go and help? >> well, first of all, we have a large church connections there. i preached there earlier this year. we had a large meeting with hundreds of churches involved. so we have a network of pastors and churches that we work through. so that's how we distribute in the community. and the local church knows
5:36 am
better than anywhere else where the needs are. where the elderly are, where the people that have lost everything are living, so we work with the churches. brian: so help out good spartans purse, and they could really need the help because we had three hurricanes. florida, texas, and puerto rico and the surrounding caribbeans small little countries. meanwhile, let's talk about the president's speech a couple of days ago. i was struck by the fact that you did not only like it, you loved the speech. here's the quote. thank god we have a president who is willing to stand for truth and speaks truth to the whole world. donald trump's speech may have been the best speeches given to that body and made you proud to be an american. why do you have that take, and we're surprised some have the exact inverse opinion. >> because, brian, i work all over the world and samaritan's purse is in 110 countries. and we see what takes place.
5:37 am
and for the last ten years, we have not had strong leadership in this country. and as a result, nations take advantage of that, and we've seen america not only lose in the middle east, but around the world. and now you have a president who is willing to stand up in that comment if the righteous many don't stand up to the wicked few, then evil's going to triumph, and he's exactly right, you know? i'm so proud that he said that, and he called out north korea, he called out the iranians, he called out venezuelas, and he challenged un to raise to a higher standard. i appreciate that. he's not afraid of the criticisms that the left socialists are going to throw at him. he just says it the way it is. he's not a politician, brian. that's what i like about him. he tells it the way he sees it. politicians are always looking to see where the wind blows where the votes are. he doesn't care about that stuff. he's just going to tell you the truth. and every time i've been with him, i've found the president to be straight forward, very
5:38 am
direct, and extremely honest and transparent. steve: all right. franklin, before you go, if folks would like to help you at samaritans purse, how do we find you on the internet? >> and if they want to be a part of helping respond to these disasters we've seen the last few weeks, we need their help. ainsley: we're interviewing steve mcqueen's wife. he died at the age of 50. did you know that he carried around a bible that was your dad's, and it was engraved with your dad's name. part of the documentary that's being released at the end of the month. but god used your dad to asave his life, and he died at a early age. 50. but anyway, i thought that was so cool. did your dad ever talk about steve mcqueen? >> he did, and i remember when my father went to visit him. and gregg wrote a book on steve mcqueen that wrote this film, and it's going to be out
5:39 am
in theaters later month, and it's a powerful film. and i'm so glad gregg had done this. steve mcqueen had a close relationship with my father there at the end. ainsley: we're going to interview pastor gregg and steve mcqueen's wife next week. it's very powerful. but give your dad our best. >> all right. i will. steve: thank you, franklin. all right. it's 21 minutes before the top of the hour and jillian joins us with news about the first lady. >> that's right. good morning to you guys. to you at home as well. first lady melania trump calling on world leaders to put an end to cyber bullying at a un luncheon. but instead of having to listen what she had to say, they slammed the first lady's outfit choice, criticizing the hot pink oversized dress. last week she was cyber bullied for wearing high heels to a trip to houston after hurricane harvey. brian hopkins, the former
5:40 am
director of the dc hospital was canned earlier this year after the facilitate was found unsanitary, and he was caught e-mailing sensitive information to a private server. repealed and was rehired by the va in august. but he was just fired again under the new va accountability act signed into law by president trump in june. stop what you're doing. watch your screen. police chased a teen driving a bulldozer through the streets in the middle of the night. the dash cam video just released. illinois police say the 18-year-old stole the machine and crushed a cop car, nearly hitting an officer. police followed the teen for miles in their car, on their feet, before they were able to pull him out of the driver seat and arrest him. he's charged with attempted murder and driving under the influence. all right. you remember your childhood best friend; right? everyone does. >> what? did we just become best friends? >> yep. >> brian just said that's the best clip ever. and i agree. i was going to say that.
5:41 am
but now some kids won't get to have those kinds of moments because this school is reportedly banning best friends so other children won't feel left out. teachers encourage them to be friends with a lot of classmates, instead of having just 1b ff. brian: i have a top five. i release it every monday. steve: friends to all. brian: sorry, best friends. we're breaking up. steve: jillian, thank you. meanwhile, breaking overnight, six terror suspects have been arrested in that london bucket bomb last week. even more disturbing, he's only 17 years old. our next guest, former islamic extremist takes us inside the mind of a young jihadi fighter. brian: and how a college football player that you know paralyzed by jury at liberty dedicated his life to paralysis. former hall of famer joins us again. can't wait to have him and talk to him about this book
5:42 am
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the most common side effect is a temporary burning sensation. ask your eye doctor about restasis multidose®. savings card holders pay as little as $0 for three bottles. start saving today at steve: quarter before the top of the hour. fox news alert. while you were sleeping, police in london have arrested a 17-year-old in connection with last week's london subway bucket attack. the teen becoming the sixth suspect in custody. the details. one thing we do know is that two of the suspects were refugees from the countries of iraq and syria. here with reaction is former islamic extremist and author of radical, my journey out of islamist extremism. nice to see you. >> my pleasure. steve: what do you make of this? >> well, i think with islamist
5:46 am
recruiters, clearly, refugees were involved. one of them was arrested in dover was facilitated through work a chicken shop. and one of the owners of that chicken shop is facilitated to my former islamist organization, which is the pro caliphate. they are not prescribed as a terror organization, but they are certainly one of the first islamist groups in the world to be advocating for a caliphate. steve: how many recruiters are circulating through the neighborhoods of london looking for people like this? >> we are in the midst of a problem that is worse than people would care to admit. this year alone, there are terror arrests in the uk are up 70%. steve: 70? >> yeah. 70. 309 arrests have occurred this year and 19 attacks have been foiled in the uk. and, of course, there have been five successful attacks. when i use the word that we're in the midst of a global
5:47 am
jihadist insurgery, these numbers are insurgency levels. they're monitoring 3,000, but they she to be monitoring 23,000, but they don't have the numbers. steve: that's the worry and, of course, the worry here in the united states is that there are refugees and that's why there have been travel bans and all sorts of things that this administration has tried to do is that we simply don't know who some of the refugees are if they're from a country like syria where it's impossible to really these days validate whether or not their documents or travel documents are bona fide. >> well, we have to face ununcomfortable truths here. there were refugees involved in this case. after the 379, the vast majority of them had been british citizens. but in this case, there were refugees involved. and i think the term -- if we talk about evidence-led approaches, then we have to accept the case here that extremist recruiters are targeting any form of vulnerability, and that includes refugees. steve: imagine, we had the vice president of the united states on this program about 45 minutes ago. he was referring to the travel
5:48 am
ban and also talked about how a couple of these guys were picked up in this particular bombing were refugees. listen to mike pence. >> we've implemented at the president's direction from the first of the year the extreme vetting measures that have been designed to make sure that people coming into this country don't represent a threat to this country. president trump and i met yesterday with prime minister may, and we expressed our deep condolences of sadness for the recent attack in the subway that took place on the 15. it's publicly been reported that those were individuals that had come into england through a refugee program, and it simply underscores the strong leadership that president trump has provided. we have to continue, and we will continue to make sure that anyone coming into the united states of america does not represent a threat to our communities and our family. steve: it's that extreme vetting that donald trump has been talking about for a very long time. >> yeah. so i want to add to this. prime minister may's in the country.
5:49 am
and, of course, we need to be watching refugee flows. it's crucial. and these are the uncomfortable truths that we on the liberal side of the debate must accept. but there's another here with prime minister may and her approach. if the vast majority of those attacks had been perpetrated by british citizens, after the manchester bombing, the big one at the concert, she promised to appoint a commissioner responsible for extremism all across the department. the unbelievable sad truth is there's nobody in the united kingdom responsible for coordinating counter extremism policy across all government departments. steve: that is shocking. >> it's a disaster. she promised it. we've been pushing for it for years, and she's here preaching to the tech companies to do more. she promised to find them if they don't take the links dow down. steve: thank you very much for dropping by. >> thank you. steve: meanwhile, from tragedy to triumph, how a college football player paralyzed by an injury dedicated his life to find a cure for paralysis.
5:50 am
son of nfl hall of famer is here live next. but first, let's check in with bill who's going to be in a big movie that opens tomorrow nationwide. >> you've got to see it, steve. steve: i've heard it's great. >> you have to buck up and go see the kings man. good morning. after a scene of devastation what is left of puerto rico, we will check in live there. the obamacare clock is ticking. watch the senate. do they have the votes? critical day by day. it's also ticking on iran and north korea to major issues and president trump today and his talks with world leaders. and the unmasking of trump campaign officials is growing by the week. what we are learning today about all of that. we'll see you in ten minutes top of the hour right here. ♪ ♪
5:51 am
♪ ♪ i was playing golf love golf.... i used to love golf. wait, what, what happened? i was having a good round, and then my friend, sheila, right as i was stepping into the tee box mentioned a tip a pro gave her. no. yep. did it help? it completely ruined my game. well, the truth is, that advice was never meant for you. i like you. you want to show me your swing? it's too soon. get advice that's right for you. investment management services from td ameritrade.
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brian: the story of tragedy and triumph that america has got to know this family. son of hall of fame linebacker was paralyzed during a college football game. for the past 30 years, he has dedicated his life to find a cure for paralysis. undefeated tragedy from triumph. mark, coming up on your dinner on thursday, come everybody shul rally around and go to; right? still tickets available? >> tickets available. 32ed year. always an event. raise $6 million. brian: celebrities will be there. a guy named bob who's pretty good at his job. for you personally, i've talked to you over the years, and i said what do you think about football? because it was in football
5:55 am
during a tackle that you were paralyzed. but now you look at what has happened to your dad suffering some of the serious football injuries. suffered from cte. you have a different football injury. >> i do. it started years ago request former nfl linebacker, and he really brought to the surface the idea of concussion and the affects long-term of people playing football, and i really didn't understand it until i started seeing my father deteriorate with the condition over the last five years. and when it hits you home like that, you really start to think twice about really the repercussions of football. i can no longer encourage mothers to let their children play football because i think the long-term effects are just too devastating. brian: you talk about what you came through, the personification of encourage. you were helping other people
5:56 am
while your goal to walk is still very real through the miami project. but some say look what football has done to your dad. goes into the hall of fame, spends 20 plus years in the air and unbelievable success of business through his football context. how do you feel what football has given your family? brian: well, football has given us a lot and also taken away a lot. it has given us our greatest joy, of course. my dad's career. the only football team undefeated, '72. two super bowls, and, of course, the fame that goes along with it. cable show, great business career. then, again, it just took away with my injury and now with my dad's head injury. brian: of course, i'll talk to you on radio. undefeated the name of the book from tragedy to triumph. mark, always great to see you. >> okay. brian, thanks. brian: more fox and friends in just a moment.
5:57 am
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>> it has been a busy week in new york city. we have one final day for the work week and we have a great lineup tomorrow. >> general jack keane, tommy lehren and geraldo. run to the radio. >> bill: thank you, good morning, everybody. maria dealing a devastating blow to puerto rico. power is out for the entire island. it could be months until the lights are back on everywhere. now the threats of flash flooding and mudslides from a category 4 hurricane that took a direct hit there. good morning, i'm bill hemmer live in "america's newsroom" as we work through this story. >> shannon: those folks will need our help. president just approving a disaster declaration for puerto rico. the focus has to be first safety and assessing just how hard a hit the island took. puerto rico's governor putting an overnight curfew in place until


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